Meeting Minutes

Monthly Minutes

August, 2014

Minutes from EHSC Monthly Meeting – August 4, 2015

  • Draft
    • Draft was held on 7/27/15
      • Teams are all set
      • Division 5 Boys and Division 8 Girls are short teams and coaches
      • Asked those in attendance to recommend others that may want to coach
    • Some team consolidation still to come
      • Div 8 Girls, Div 5 Boys, Div 3 Girls
    • Question about older Girls (Division 8)
      • Have an offer to partner with Fairfield and other towns to form a Travel and Rec type program
      • With only 3 teams, having games against other towns that are in same situation may make sense
      • Decision has to be made by the week of 8/24
    • For other Divisions with odd amount of teams, there will be 1 game and 1 bye each week
      • More practice
  • Travel Report – Gino Casteneda
    • Preliminary Flighting has been posted
    • Teams can accept or request a change by 8/15/15
    • Season starts on Sunday, 9/13/15
    • Thee full schedule will be out by the end of August
    • Teams
      • Have 6 Girls Teams and 2 Boys Teams
    • Travel Players are not required to play Rec
      • May need to change this next year
    • The EHSC has paid the fee to league for all teams
  • Referee Report – Chris Tate
    • Organizing list of Refs in month of August
    • New Referee Training is planned before play starts
    • Flaggers can start in 6th Grade
    • Referees are 7th Grade and Up
  • Practice
    • Fields are open for practice starting the week of 8/17/15
    • Coaches will be notified of their teams no later than Friday, 8/14/15
    • Coaches are asked to notify their players and families during week of 8/17/15 at latest
  • Sponsorship and Pictures - Fernando
    • Sponsors
      • It is not too late to get sponsors
      • Looks like we may have more sponsors than teams
      • Could offer signage sponsor to some sponsors




  • Pictures
    • Pictures Day is planned for Saturday, September 26th
    • Same format as last year, including Travel teams
    • Time will be from 7:30 to 2 PM
  • Columbus Day Parade
    • Sunday, 10/11/15
    • There will be an EHSC Parade Float
    • Coaches have to be on with players
  • TGIF Fundraiser
    • Details on a 3-day fundraiser event will be distributed
    • Event is planned for sometime in October
  • Opening Day Festivities
    • Considering a parade for Saturday, September 12th, but nothing planned yet
  • Equipment – Joe Peluso
    • Will be handed out in the next few weeks
    • Need to purchase first aid kits and ice packs
  • CTO Update – Andy Liebhauser
    • EHSC and EH Knights of Columbus Council 6504 are partnering on a Soccer Kick Challenge
      • Will be held on Saturday, September 19th with a Rain Date on Saturday, October 3rd
      • Timing for the event will from 9 AM to 2 PM
      • Would like to have sign-ups by Saturday, September 12th (Opening Day)
      • Andy to follow-up with each coach
      • Forms will be distributed to each coach when equipment is picked up
    • Dicks and Sports Authority EHSC Promotions
      • Links on website and email blasts will be sent in the next 2 weeks
  • Admin
    • Open Board Position for Recording Secretary
      • Danielle Rubinetti has volunteered
      • Motion was made and 2nd done
    • Next Meeting is scheduled for Wed, September 9th
      • 8 PM at Rinaldi Center

October, 2015

East Hanover Soccer Club

October 6, 2015

Monthly Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: Gino Circelli,  J.P. Viegas, Fernando Olveira, Chris Tate, Marco Martire, Joe Peluso, Gino Castaneda, Andy Liebhauser,

Members in Attendance:

Board Members Unable to Attend: Paul Prestia, Danielle Rubinetti



Meeting called to order at 8:25 pm by Gino Circelli.


New Business:

  • Circelli motion (Andy Second) to pass the August and September meeting. Pass 5-0
  • Circelli motion (Fernando Second) to pass the August and September meeting. Pass 10-0
  • Feedback from coaches
    • First graders in games are not ready for corner kicks, throw ins, goal kicks etc…request to have Coastal cover basics at this coming weekend’s clinic.
    • Coaches can only go on the field during stoppage of play for Div 1 only.
  • Reminder to coaches:
    • Parents are not allowed inside the black fence, near the field.
    • Coaches cannot overrule a referee on any calls or rules prior to the start of the game (i.e.: allowing ear rings during game).        
  • Castaneda motion (Peluso second) to hire a DJ for the year end party. Pass 13-0. Abstain.
    • DJ Lil Ro confirmed for $200
  • Email motion by Fernando (Second Viegas) to use extra sponsor money for travel team items.  Passed 5-0 (4 Abstain).


President report:

Gino Circelli

  • Year end BBQ to be scheduled for October 24th from 11am-3pm.
  • Gino will check into possibility of having face painting at the year end party.
  • We are all caught up for rainout make-ups.
  • Clinics that were cancelled will need to be scheduled


Treasurers Report:

Marco Martire

  • Nothing to report


CTO report:

Andy Liebhauser

  • Working through reschedules.
  • Working with a few sponsors to update logos on the website.



Director of Uniforms report:

JP Viegas

  • All uniforms except for 1 have been handed out.


Director of Travel Soccer report:

Gino Castaneda (Not present, Circelli reporting)

  • Season is half way done.
  • Request for coaches to complete the Game Reports, not just the score report.
  • Due to incident early in the season, going forward clubs will get one warning for poor spectator behavior before the club gets fined.
  • Don’t use the referee assignment number until 5 minutes before the game to call.
  • Non-volunteer trainers need to have a pass to be on the coach’s sideline.




Vice President report:

Fernando Olveira –

  • Picture day went very well.
  • There are 2 sponsors that still need to pay. (Don Jose and
  • Columbus day parade email was sent out to coaches.
  • TGIF fundraiser is scheduled for Oct 13, 14 and 15.  Flyer will be finalized tomorrow and posted on the website.



Director of Rec report:

Paul Prestia

  • Not present


Director of Referees/Schedules report:

Chris Tate

  • So far things have been going well.  Referees have been doing a great job thusfar.


Director of Equipment Report:

Joe Peluso     

  • Joe will need kid count per team to order trophies.


Secretary report:

Danielle Rubinetti

  • Not present


Meeting adjourned by Gino Circelli at 9:45 PM.


Next Meeting scheduled for November 10, 2015 at 8:15pm.

November, 2015

East Hanover Soccer Meeting – Minutes from the 11/10/15 Meeting

  • Attendees
    • Board:   Gino Circilli, Marco M, Fernando O, Gino Casteneda, Chris T., Paul P., Andy L
      • Board Not in attendance:              JP Viegas, Joe Peluso, Danielle Rubinetti
    • Coaches/Parents:  Mike Dechiara, Matt Kenny, Stu Minkowitz, Angelo D’Alessio, Kim DiLauri, Patrick O’Conner
  • Minutes
    • Meeting called to order at 8:24 PM and President’s Report provided by Gino Circilli   
    • Overall feeling was that season went well
  • For next year, want to reach out to Rec Dir at Florham Park to see if there is interest
    • Having their younger kids come play in our league if they don't have a league for younger kids rather than waiting to 6th grade and above like in past years.
  • Discussed that the last meeting held in October, trying to get new coaches, was very lightly attended
    • With the younger groups, need a minimum of 2 coaches
  • Suggestion to do email blast to parents about importance of needing coaches
    • Many coaches had more than 1 team
  • Discussed incentives to get more coaches
    • Offer free Rutgers course (league pays for instructor in EH)
    • Discount on Registration for their child
    • Request to have coaches/players shake the referees hand after game
  • Referee Status (Chris Tate)
    • Thought that year went well.  Overall feedback from coaches was very positive
    • Sponsorship Status (Fernando Oliveria)
    • Still a few outstanding sponsor payments.  Going to collect this week
    • Had 7 extra sponsors this year
    • Each travel team will receive a pop-up canopy
  • Jimmy John’s will be sponsoring a U10 Boys – Team picked at random
    • Sponsor plaques are in and will be distributed next year
  • VP Status (Fernando Oliveria)
    • 4 Ratings Forms are outstanding, but those coaches have been contacted
      • Solicitation for coaches - Will send email blasts in off-season
    • Need to re-inforce to coaches the sportsmanship in score.  Do not run-up score
    • TGIF event
      • Don’t have funds yet, but very successful based on attendance
  • Treasurer (Marco Martiere)
    • Still have payments for Trainers (last payment), trophies, referees
    • Payments for NJYS was made
    • Account should still have good reserve after all bills are paid   
  • CTO Report (Andy Liebhauser)
    • Looking to address rules for site by Demosphere
  • Paul Prestia
    • Good season
    • Will be stepping down from Director of EH Board
  • Equipment
    • Not many coaches returned the equipment
    • Will coordinate with Joe Peluso on date\time for drop-offs
  • Travel Director (Gino Casteneda)
    • U11 Girls won their flight
    • 4-5 more teams are in for Flight championship
    • About 2 games left
    • Want to get more teams, especially boys
  • Slate of Officers for 2016
  • Nominating Committee was Mike DeChiara, Marco M and Fernando O
    • Gino Circilli – President
      • Mike Dechiara 2nd
      • Accepted
    • Angelo D’Alessio - VP             
      • Stu M 2nd
      • Accepted
    • Marco Martiere - Treasurer
      • Gino Casteneda 2nd
      • Accepted
    • Fernando Oliveira – Director
      • Patrick O 2nd
      • Accepted
    • Gino Casteneda – Director of Travel
      • Angelo D’Alessio 2nd
      • Accepted
    • JP Viegas – Director of Uniforms
      • Fernando O 2nd
      • Note:            Acceptance was done by note submitted and read by attendee on their behalf
      • Accepted
    • Joe Peluso - Director of Equipment
      • Matt Kenny – 2nd
      • Note:            Acceptance was done by note submitted and read by attendee on their behalf
      • Accepted


  • Andy Liebhauser – CTO
    • Angelo D’Alessio 2nd
  • Chris Tate
  • Andy L 2nd
  • Accepted
    • Paul Prestia – Recording Secretary
      • Andy L 2nd
      • Accepted
  • Reminder that next meeting is scheduled for 12/1/15 @ 8:15 at Rec Center

Meeting Closed at 9:30 PM        

EHSC Monthly Meeting - March, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

East Hanover Soccer Board – Meeting Minutes from Meeting on 3/1/16

  • Attendees
    • Board
      • Joe Peluso, Andy Liebhauser, Gino Circilli, JP Viegas, Angelo D’Alessio, Gino Casteneda, Marco Martiere,
      • Excused
        • Fernando Oliviera, Chris Tate
    • Coaches/Other
      • Matt Kenny, Gus Politi, Marty Zizza,  Danielle Palmieri, Mrs. Quintella, Mrs. Fusella, Greg Brutofski
  • Rec Soccer in Spring
    • 5 Saturdays starting in April-May, 2016
      • Dates
        • 4/23/16 – 5/21
      • Times
        • Not before 10 AM
          • Going to try and work around other sports (softball, baseball)
      • Grades
        • 1st Grade through 5th Grade
          • Current Grade you are in as of this Spring
      • Cost
        • $60 charge
          • Get a discount to $60 Cost for Fall
      • Fields that can be used
        • 2 at Middle
        • Upper at Central
        • LP 6
      • Trainers
        • This will be run through Coastal
      • Spring Registration
        • Can the system know who signed up in the Spring, 2016
          • So we can isolate/mark for a discount in the Fall, 2016
        • Andy to reach out to Demosphere to confirm
        • Want to open up the Registration by next Friday, 3/11/16
          • Send out Broadcast emails on this
  • Feedback from Coach Danielle Palmieri
    • Would like to try and cultivate Women’s Coaches in the EH Soccer Board
      • Generate an email and perhaps Gina and Danielle can be on Signature
      • Offer a Coaches Clinic, remind them on email
        • Rutgers Training on May 17, 2016 in Florham Park


  • March 14 – Important Date
    • Meeting with Town Council to discuss increase of fields
      • EH Soccer Board would like to have as many attendees there to represent the need for fields
  • Registration for Fall, 2016
    • Opening on May 1, close on July 1, 2016
  • Travel Update (Gino)
    • Preliminary Flighting is on Morris County site
      • Coaches can check and make request for re-flighting and Gino can submit
    • Conflict Forms are due this week
      • Coaches are encouraged to submit
    • Travel Meeting Re-Cap from last week regarding Age Update
    • Tryout Form developed by Gina Liebhauser
      • Not sure if we are doing tryouts yet
      • May want to consider using SDA or Pegasus instead of Coastal as we may get a more objective assessment.  Coastal knows too many kids in town
    • Want to do Tryouts for Fall season, 2016, prior to Memorial Day
      • Look to do on Friday night
    • Flyers will be sent to all schools in town
    • New Boys Team, Ralph Amirata, U9 for the Fall, 2016 Season
      • Need to follow-up with him
  • Updates from other Board Members
    • JP – No
    • Marco – No
    • Andy – Asked about when Registration for Spring, 2016 needs to be launched
    • Angelo –
      • Morris Sign so we can get signs up for May 1st
      • Has list of all sponsors
      • No signs for Spring, 2016 Season
    • Joe Peluso
      • Spikes attached for the Goalpost
      • Try them for the Spring
  • Meeting Closed at 9:15 PM
  • Next meeting is on April 5, 2016 @ 8:15 PM

EHSC Monthly Meeting - April, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

East Hanover Soccer Board – Meeting Minutes from Meeting on 4/5/16

  • Attendees
    • Board
      • Gino Circilli, Gino Castaneda, Andy Liebhauser, Angelo D’Alessio, Chris Tate, Marco Martiere, Fernando Oliveira
      • Excused
        • Joe Peluso, JP Viegas
    • Coaches/Other
      • None
  • Rec Soccer in Spring
    • As of today, we have 42 kids signed up for Spring
      • Need to look at breakdown by age group
      • How many trainers do we need
    • Close out Spring Registration on Thursday, 4/21/16
    • Need to look how we handle the payment for Fall Discount
      • Do we open up a special period from 4/25 – 4/29/16
      • Contact these families directly
        • Have the rules set at $60
        • Tell them to act
        • Then we have new rules for Fall Registration Open up on 5/1/16
  • Registration for Fall, 2016
    • Opening on May 1, close on July 1, 2016
  • Discussion about Field Complex Update in town – 3/14/16
    • Best option for soccer is to
      • Have Lights at Middle
      • LP 6:  Sprinkler System
    • Consider using LP 3 and LP 4 for soccer
      • This would be in addition to LP 1 and LP 2 , LP 6
  • Travel Update (Gino)
    • First week of season was 4/3/16
    • The deadline to start a team will be moved up
      • July 1st (instead of July 15th)
    • Coaches can’t close fields, need to have a EH Soccer Board Member present to do so
      • This is based on feedback from Wind conditions on 4/3/16
    • No change in rule on heading right now, but likely will change soon (next 1-2 weeks)
      • U11 and below can’t head the ball
      • Gino will let the coaches know when he is made aware
    • League Cup for U10
      • 3 Refs
        • $30 for Center, $15 for the Side Refs (2)


  • Travel Tryouts
    • Want to distribute the flyer to schools during week of 4/18
      • This is after Spring Break and 3 weeks prior to tryouts session #1 on 5/13
    • Tryouts are May 13th and 20th
      • Possible overlap with the Color
    • Want to get Form (Gina Liebhauser) and then link it on the website
      • Look  to send a broadcast Email the week of 4/18/16 to announce and have link
  • Balls have been purchased for each Travel team and has been distributed to each team
  • Looking to schedule an ‘F’ License course in May, 2016 in East Hanover
  • Updates from other Board Members
    • JP – No
    • Marco – No
    • Andy – Close Spring Reg on 4/21/16, Early Fall Registration (based on Spring), Open up Fall on May 1
    • Angelo –
      • Working on new sponsors
      • Has list of existing sponsors
      • Will start working sponsors in May, 2016
      • Question if we can have 2 sponsors on a shirt for uniforms
        • JP can follow-up on cost
    • Joe Peluso – No
    • Chris Tate - No
  • Motion passed to donate $200 for charity cause in East Hanover
    • Passed
  • Meeting Closed at 9:25 PM
  • Need to pass Feb and March minutes at next meeting

Next meeting is on May 3, 2016 @ 8:15 PM

EHSC Monthly Meeting - May, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

East Hanover Soccer Club

May 3, 2016

Monthly Meeting

Board Attendees:                           Gino Circilli, Angelo D’Alessio, Marco Martire, Andy Liebhauser, Chris Tate, Joe Peluso, Gino Casteneda

Members in Attendance:             Dave Schlosser, Gus Politi

Board Members not in Attendance:         JP Viegas, Fernando Oliveira


Meeting Started:             8:30 PM

  • New Business
    • Spring Soccer, 2016
      • 58 Participants
      • Program started on Saturday, 4/23 and ends on Saturday, 5/20
    • Travel Tryouts
      • Paperwork has to be submitted by Friday, 5/6
      • Tryouts will be Friday, 5/13 and Friday, 5/20
    • Photo day for Fall, 2016 is 10/1/16
    • Fall, 2016 Registration will open on Wednesday, 5/4/16
    • DJ Little Rob
      • Do opening weekend and Championship Weekend
        • This was raised by Chris Tate
    • Dan from PESA wants to have a summer camp here
      • EH Recreation mandates that it has to be Age 6 to 14
      • Open to East Hanover Residents
      • Need to have decision by Fri, 5/6/16
    • Marco Martiere raised that Roseland (His brother lives there) has a Soccer Program that ends at 6th grade
      • They are interested in having 12 kids sign-up
      • Spread them across teams
  • President Report
    • Moving of goals for travel on LP6 and Middle
      • Has to be moved back before you leave
      • Coaches at Middle School have been asked to have teams return the goals



  • Lights at Middle
    • Based on feedback from Town Council, the lights have been approved and should by Fall, 2016
  • Draft
    • Planned for 18-25th of July
  • Referee Report (Chris Tate)
    • Wants to schedule dates for Rec Center to hold training classes and sign-ups
    • After 8/5/16, this place is off-limits for a few weeks
    • Chris would like to hold meeting on Saturday, 8/27/16
      • 10 AM – 2 PM
    • EH Firehouse can be used as a backup
  • Equipment Report (Joe Peluso)
    • Question about the stakes
    • Wheels on goals are braking
      • The brackets are breaking
    • Want to bring it to a steel fabricator to get addressed
    • Also want to make sure that tires are all inflated and if no, look to replace tubes
  • Travel Report (Gino Casteneda)
    • All games were played this past weekend
    • Field conditions were better at Middle vs. LP6
    • Tryout Forms are coming in
      • Need to send a Broadcast email later this week on the deadline of Fri, 5/6/16 to get the forms
      • Andy to send to get deadline at 4 PM on May 6th
      • Payment is not needed yet as we are not certain if we will have tryouts
      • 2 Training Organizations have been contracted
      • Tryouts for 5/13 and 5/20
    • Gino has the ice packs for travel coaches should they be needed
    • PCNs for game schedules are due asap
    • ‘F’ License training at 5/20 – 5/21
      • 6:30 – 9:30 PM on 5/20
      • 9:30 – 2 PM on 5/21
      • May conflict with Spring, 2016 session on 5/21, but we can switch fields
  • VP Report (Angelo D’Alessio)
    • Ready to send an email to sponsors
      • Will be sent in the next 1-2 weeks
    • $300 for 1 Team, $500 for two teams
    • Signs are up for Registration
  • Marco Martiere
    • No update


  • CTO Role (Andy Liebhauser)
    • Open Fall, 2016 Registration
    • Review Fall, 2016 Early-Bird
      • Based on Spring, 2016 registration
    • Spring, 2016 Refunds (1)
      • Next Meeting is 6/7/2016
      • Meeting is called at 9:17 PM


A. Molly Company

Avellinos Pizza & Grille

Over the Rainbow Children's Center

Don Jose Mexican Restaurant

Dick's Sporting Goods

Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC

East Hanover PBA Local #227


The Godfather of East Hanover

Peluso Home Improvement, Inc.

Zeifman Orthodontics

Posture Perfect Chiropractic

Piemonte & Liebhauser, LLC

East Hanover Fire Department